Save the MFTD Waiver!

The 2012 battle to preserve Illinois' Medically Fragile, Technology Dependent Waiver

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The Parenting Penalty

Today we want to introduce everyone to the idea of the Parenting Penalty, a radically unfair system of punishing responsible parents.

Take a look at this chart, which compares the costs of parents …

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Katie Beckett: We're Fighting the Battle in Your Honor

As members of our group called, emailed, and faxed the Illinois legislature to save the MFTD Waiver, we received some sad news. Katie Beckett passed away at the age of 34.
Katie is the re…

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Rally for the Waiver: Meet Michelle

If you meet Michelle, you will never forget her.  This charming 15-year-old is just one of the 500 kids in the MFTD Waiver, and the inspiration for both live and virtual rallies this past week.  

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The 53-Hour Shift

As part of Gov. Pat Quinn's budget plan, the state wants to cut $15 million from a critical program providing home nursing care for children on ventilators and other medical technology.  It's called t…

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