Save the MFTD Waiver!

The 2012 battle to preserve Illinois' Medically Fragile, Technology Dependent Waiver

What is this page?

In 2012, Illinois attempted to eliminate or restructure its Medicaid waiver for children who are Medically Fragile and Technology Dependent. During this time, we formed MFTD Waiver Families, a family support and advocacy organization, to fight against these changes.

This website contains the historical information from our battle against the state, which was finally resolved in 2014. Initially, we planned to take the site down once the threat to the program had passed; however, we realized the information might be useful to people in other states fighting similar battles. We are also concerned that we may need to fight this battle again in the near future, since Illinois has a new governor.

All the information on this website is archival in nature. For information on MFTD Waiver Families, current issues, and program information, please visit our regular MFTD Waiver Families website

For more information about the 2012 Save the Waiver campaign, get started on About the Campaign.

How to Truly Save Money in the MFTD Waiver

We understand and appreciate that Illinois is facing a fiscal crisis and needs to save money. As families who participate in this program, we know where the inefficiencies are and how to save money in this program without affecting eligibility or services. We have also developed creative strategies to minimize costs to the state based on novel programs in other states. We believe we could save as much as $41,135,112 a year through a few simple strategies.  

Read our revised Cost Savings document for more information.

  • Maximizing Third Party Liability Potential Savings:  $7,870,468 per year 
  • Adding Private Duty Nursing as an Essential Health Benefit Potential Savings:  $4,082,480 per year 
  • Other Potential Savings:  $29,182,164